Container Placement & Usage:

All containers must be placed on a hard or paved surface to prevent property damage. If a customer requests placement on an unpaved surface, this could result in increased costs if inclement weather prevents removal on scheduled date. Costs could include: (1) an additional trip fee based on location, and/or (2) additional daily rental fees until ground conditions allow for removal. If the container is placed on an unpaved surface at the customer's request, the customer assumes all responsibility for any increased costs and any damage this may cause.

Due to safety concerns, please do not attempt to move a container once placed at your site. If you need a container moved before final pickup, please call customer service at (770) 887-2135.

Grogan Disposal Company is not responsible for accidents, injury or damage caused by a container or to a container while the container is at the customer's location.


Most material is acceptable for disposal in our containers. Please see the list of exceptions, above right. If unsure of size or material, please contact customer service at (770) 887-2135 prior to placing items in containers.

Not Allowed

  • Dead animals
  • Hazardous or flammable substances
  • Biohazardous materials
  • Car batteries
  • Tires
  • Wet paint or other solvents
  • Large appliances
By accepting our equipment, you agree to Grogan Disposal Company's terms and conditions as stated here.