Industry Solutions

  • Food & Retail

    Let Grogan Disposal Company save you time and energy by managing your packaging waste efficiently.

  • Healthcare

    Trust Grogan Disposal Company to manage the proper removal and treatment of all your hospital and healthcare waste material.

  • Commercial Properties

    Regardless of the size of your property, Grogan Disposal Company is equipped to provide the waste solution to suit your business needs.

  • Waste Cycle Advisors

    Grogan Disposal Company can give you proactive ideas to help you reduce disposal costs while also improving your processes.

  • Multi-family Housing
    & Apartments

    Count on Grogan Disposal Company to bring you a turn-key waste solution for multi-family housing and discover ways to save you money.

  • Manufacturing/Industrial

    Grogan Disposal Company offers the best in innovative recycling, disposal and zero-waste solutions, no matter what you produce.

  • Construction

    Stay on time and on-budget through every phase of construction. Contractors, builders and their customers rely on Grogan Disposal Company to help them achieve their financial and sustainability goals.

  • Schools, Universities
    & Government

    From local governments to colleges and universities, Grogan Disposal Company can help create safe, sustainable environments with waste programs that reduce costs and provide long-term benefits.

  • Sustainability

    See firsthand how Grogan Disposal Company is committed to taking care of the environment.