Roll-Off Dumpster & Compactors

Grogan Disposal Company offers the ideal dumpster rental for any business or construction project you have, whether it's a short-term renovation, longer-term construction project or just an overflow of unwanted trash. Trust Grogan Disposal Company's 40+ years of experience to help you find the ideal solution for your needs. Our roll-off containers and compactors can be used for all levels of nonhazardous waste and recycling collection and transportation.

Open-Top Dumpsters

Our 12, 20, or 30 yard open-top dumpsters are ideal for construction projects or businesses with a high volume of waste and recyclables. These large steel roll-off boxes with open tops for loading provide door access for easy hand loading of heavier materials. Ideal for permanent or temporary jobs including:

  • Construction Projects (long or short term)
  • Household or Business Clean-Up
  • Renovations
  • Demolition
  • Storm Clean-Up
  • Ideal for:
    • food & retail
    • commercial properties
    • manufacturing/industrial
    • schools & universities
    • special events
    • healthcare
    • multi-family housing & apartments
    • construction
    • governments

Compactor Receivers

The enclosed receiver box allows for compaction of waste material inside. Fully enclosed to minimize waste exposure to wind, weather, and pests.

  • Reduces the frequency of collection.
  • Maximizes your waste material per haul, saving on operating costs.

Roll-Off Containers*
SIZE DIMENSIONS Rock, dirt, sand, stone, concrete, bricks Shingles
12 yard 11' x 8' x 4' No more than ½ full Up to 30 SQUARES
20 yard 22' x 8' x 4' No more than ½ full Up to 60 SQUARES
30 yard 22' x 8' x 5' No more than ½ full Up to 90 SQUARES

*If a container is overloaded, Grogan Disposal Company will either charge additional fees to haul the container or require the customer to offload material prior to removal if the container is unable to be safely hauled.